Attorneys: Grow Your Caseload

1. Receive dozens of new and positive reviews
2. Obtain and convert more leads
3. Reap more referrals

We dissect your law firm’s existing business processes, systems, intake procedure, marketing campaigns, and more to uncover expensive inefficiencies. Then, we devise a customized plan to help you cut costs and streamline operations.

We typically save our clients $500 to $1,200 per month. 

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  • Automate all follow-up prospects
  • Monitor the passage of prospects through your sales funnel

One intuitive dashboard lets you:

  • Schedule tasks and task reminders
  • Send appointment reminders and intake forms

  • Solicit, screen, and post reviews
  • Automate referral requests
  • Track results of your marketing efforts

“90% of my clients mention our online reviews. Since using James Legal CRM, our caseload increased            from 62 to 141, year-over-year. I attribute that growth chiefly to the online reputation tools.”

                                                                           -- Loren S. Etengoff, Vancouver, WA 

Receive dozens of new and positive reviews

The effective digital request for feedback (65% success rate!) generates a flood of reviews which you can review and respond to BEFORE the reviews are posted. Screen out the weak reviews, consider responding to the unhappy clients, and post the great reviews.

Obtain and convert more leads

Generate more inquiries with our proven lead magnets: (a) 100-page educational book, (b) Common Mistakes pamphlet and (c) Frequently-Asked Questions booklet. All are expertly-drafted, focused on your specialty, and branded with your name.

Convert more of these inquiries by wowing them with our digital shock-and-awe package, reminding them of your expertise with our educational drip campaigns, and nudging them in with our follow-up reminders. 

Reap more referrals

Regular communication with past clients and referral sources using time-tested methods is the key to generating more referrals. Our greetings, thank you’s, and gifts, along with the entire marketing and reputation management system, are automated and managed from one central dashboard.

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