Lawyers, we bet that we can:

1. Reduce your monthly spend AND
2. Increase your client signups

What do you have to wager? One 20-minute consulting phone call. At its conclusion we will tell you roughly how many thousands of dollars in monthly spend we will save you. 


Proven Results

Here are two ways we have recently helped our clients:  

In less than 12 months, a Phoenix criminal attorney has grown his law firm from $275,000 in revenue to $1.4 million in revenue using our approach.

Through our comprehensive cost-saving audit, we uncovered more than $14,000 per month in fruitless spending by an Orange County probate attorney. With extensive budget reallocation, the leads are now flowing in and he’s saving thousands of dollars every month.

How It Works

Most small law firms are too busy with client matters to regularly re-examine the marketing, technological, and business aspects of their practice. As a result, these small law firms are frequently: 

-- Using (and paying for) a hodge-podge of overlapping systems which cost well more than the current market rate for simpler, more intuitive, and more effective software 

-- Investing in marketing whose results are not being tracked and evaluated for cost-effectiveness, let alone simple results 

-- Failing to take advantage of the many free and simple labor-saving technologies that are ideally suited for busy law practices 

-- Most important, not using many of the practice-proven techniques for improving: lead flow, appointment-setting, signups, client satisfaction, and referrals 

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